California Artists was founded for the purpose of providing quality artisans different places to show and sell their original works thus enhancing the quality of art appreciation throughout the community. Original works by artists and craftspeople bring a wide variety of products to interest entire families and encourage wider public attendance at major festivals presented in the Bay Area by California Artists.

The late Nancie Allie, Company Artists owner, formed California Artists in 1971, after spending more than ten years as a professional artist. Terry Allie, Nancie’s husband and former professional artist for over 20 years is fully involved and carrying on in all aspects of California Artists and is present at all show events as well.

There is no jurying fee charged to the artisans submitting work for gaining entrance in the shows.

We encourage local exhibitors to participate in local events. Some only do local events while others do many of our future shows after signing up for and participating in a local event.